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Depending on what EVM chains you want to use Sablier on, you will need to use a different contract address. Sablier runs on top of one single master contract that manages all streams.

Official deployments

Official deployments are deployments made by the Sablier team and supported in the official user interface.

Ethereum Mainnet0xCD18eAa163733Da39c232722cBC4E8940b1D8888
Arbitrum One0xaDB944B478818d95659067E70D2e5Fc43Fa3eDe9
BSC Mainnet0x05BC7f5fb7F248d44d38703e5C921A8c16825161
Polygon Mainnet0xAC18EAB6592F5fF6F9aCf5E0DCE0Df8E49124C06

Unofficial deployments

Unofficial deployments are deployments made by an external team and not supported in the official user interface.

IoTeX0x93Efd750a7F589f9FE26408a91e15587a88c4E78IoTeX team

Testnet Tokens

If you want to use the Sablier interfaces on a testnet, you need to get some testnet DAI first. To do this, you have to go to the Etherscan page of the associated token, tap the "Write Contract" tab, connect your Ethereum wallet and call the mint method.

Note that the testnet token has 18 decimals, so you may want to use a unit converter.

ChainNetworkEthereum address